I have been scouring the internet and books on information regarding breast reconstruction.  The options have been overwhelming me.  The pictures have been beyond upsetting.   Today I stumbled upon a fairly new procedure where the doctor spares the skin of the breast and places an immediate implant.  This would require my going down a size probably and I have to go in and discuss it with him in person.  However, the nurse at my plastic surgeon’s office confirmed that it is an option.  This is the least invasive procedure and will hopefully provide me with a good, albeit small, cosmetic outcome.  For the first time since this nightmare has occurred I feel a bit of hope.  If I can do this, I will be rolled into the operating room with breasts and rolled out with breasts.  The recovery time will be weeks and not months.  The length of time that I would need pain medication would be shorter!!!!!  I am really, really hoping and praying I can do this.  Little boobs sound fine to me as long as they are cancer free and cute!