For those of you who do not know, the above title is an anacronym for the word fear.  Elizabeth (aka Binky) taught me this phrase. 

After my mother died, I had a huge problem with fear.  I used to get panic attacks.  Talk about false evidence appearing real!   I took the panic to a doctor who gave me some lovely tranquilizers.  In the end, tranquilization wasn’t the answer.  The only way through those attacks of sheer panic was to go through them and get to the other side.  Recovery has shown me how to do that.

I have been having moments of panic lately.  I was going to write why but who cares?  I mean if what I am afraid of is valid, then I have to face it.  If what I am afraid of is actually false evidence appearing real, then I am insane and could seriously benefit from working steps two and three. 

Gosh I used to get so annoyed by the inference of my insanity in that darn second step.   Today it is a relief because if my mind is getting the best of me and the fears are unfounded, well yippee ky yay!  Insanity isn’t so bad now that I have the option to ask G-d to redirect my thinking. 

For me, the false evidence appearing real fears are formidable foes.  They threaten me more than anything else because they activate that fight or flight instinct of mine.  Untreated fear leads to irrational behavior.  Irrational behavior is as dangerous and as deadly as breast cancer. 

I have no control over breast cancer.  I’m stuck with it for today.  Fear, however, is a different story.  I have some control over that and right here, right now, I’m going to exercise some of that control.  I’m going to do what my closest friends have taught me how to do.  I’m going to face everything and recover (another anacronym for fear -thank you, Binky).