Years ago my father  took me and my brother to Bowcraft, a local amusement park.  Bowcraft was a mini me of what is now Six Flags.   

My brother and I got on an indoor ride that ran in a circle and the cars ran sort of up a wall so that we felt we were going to spill out sideways.  As the car went around, it picked up speed and I panicked.  I screamed in terror and looked at my dad as he whirled in and out of my view.  I kept screaming the same thing over and over.  “Stop the ride; stop the ride”.  When it finally stopped, I was crying and the relief was enormous. 

For the last few days, I want to repeat that old phrase.  Stop the ride!  I have to go back to the plastic surgeon another time and review some things before I make my final decision regarding reconstruction.  In the meantime, the world keeps spinning and mail keeps being delivered, bills keep coming, and work still piles up at my desk. 

I think once this decision is made, I will feel like I did at Bowcraft that day when the ride finally stopped.  I know there will be another ride to get on after the decision is made but for a moment, the ride will have stopped.  The relief will be mine to savor and linger over.  I can hardly wait!