Yesterday I saw the plastic surgeon again.  The guy is, pardon the expression, a total boob.  He has less feeling than a piece of cardboard.  He is arrogant.  He is impatient.  And guess what??  Who cares – the man graduated from Princeton University and went to a great medical school.  (I know this because my father insisted I look up his educational background.  Thank you, Daddy).

Initially he gave me two surgical options.  I was not happy with either of them and went home and did my own research and discovered that a third option exists for a select number of candidates.  The third option is a one step reconstruction where I would basically leave surgery with a complete reconstruction.  Depending on the location of the cancer, scarring is minimized and there is no need for second or third reconstructive step.  If one can have a stroke of good luck while also having breast cancer, I’ve had one because I am candidate for this procedure.

In other news, I have become the butt of some horrific and serious faux pas and social infractions.  For example, I have had more than one person tell me who they have known that has DIED of breast cancer.  To be brief, WTF?!  I have also been hugged against my will because  I was seated and unable to extricate myself from the situation in a timely fashion. 

The temp hired to fill in for me at work clearly thought I was going on short-term disability for a flipping papercut because she said, “you’re being sick really works out well for me”.  Again, WTF?!! 

In closing, I am really glad for three things tonight.  First, I can have the surgery I want to have.  Second and nearly as important, I have tact, decorum, intelligence, boundaries and the ability to think before I speak.   Third, I still have my sense of humor! 

Love to all!