I have to go to work tomorrow and Thursday.  I have taken Friday off so that I’ll have a four day vacation before surgery.  That vacation cannot come soon enough. 

Today at work, I trained the lady who is supposed to take over my job while I’m out.  I answered a zillion phone calls from Kaiser and Northside Hospital.  I printed out important yet stressful legal documents (last will and testament, living will, etc.) and had them witnessed and notarized.  I tried to do my job so that when I’m gone, the lady filling in isn’t completely traumatized when she realizes that she has less than two weeks left to get everything entered properly into the system before the accounting period closes.  I handled paperwork for FMLA and short term disability.

I keep thinking over and over.  Can’t I just be a cancer patient?  But the answer is cancer doesn’t put an end to responsibility.  Really, it kind of puts an exclamation point at the end of the word.  And don’t ask me how it happened, but I’ve somehow become a full-fledged adult who can’t NOT be responsible.  That recovery stuff is something else, huh?