I love my job.  I truly love so many of the people I work with. My closest friends at work are Carissa and Gwen.  They both are rare, strong women with tremendous integrity and heart and they worked hard to make my last day at work incredibly special.

Gwen rounded up lots of my friends and asked them to wear pink yesterday to show their support for me.  She wanted me to know that while my immediate family isn’t in Georgia, that I have an extended family here who loves and supports me also.  They made tons of little pink ribbon pins for people to wear with rhinestones in the center.  They took me out to lunch.  Carissa bought me flowers.  I was hugged and groups of women came to my desk, all in pink, to wish me a speedy recovery.

Yesterday did not go the way Gwen and Carissa had planned it.  But for me it was perfect and beautiful and beyond description.  I am blesssed to have such dear friends.  If love conquers all, my cancer is shaking in its boots right now!