In what can only be construed as a last ditch effort to ruin everything, my hormones have conspired to create a blemish on my chin. 

Honestly!  I mean couldn’t they be content to just be bff’s with my cancer?  It’s as if they KNOW I am about to be prescribed a drug that will permanently disable them and they are making a last stand.  

I’m sure they are totally proud of themselves right now.  They are probably gleefully dancing  around inside me with their superhero capes with little E’s for estrogen embroidered on them.  I’m sure they think I’m feeling sorry for myself and running scared.  Wrong! I have retinol and am not afraid to use it. 

Better luck next time is what I say.  O wait, there won’t be a next time since I’m going to medically murder them.  Maybe in this one instance, revenge will really be sweet!!

PS….I love everybody. I’ll write more when I can.