And I am free to move about the cabin!!!  In other words, that horrible drain tube is no longer attached to me.  Trent and I went to the plastic  surgeon’s office this morning and got that horrible thing removed.  I am sore and swollen and feel like my left side weighs significantly more than my right, but I am free. 

I have been able to do some truly amazing, life-affirming things today.  First, I put my arms all the way around Trent. We got to hold onto each other without any plastic between us.  Second, I had my eyebrows waxed so I look much better.  Third, I went to the two o-clock meeting at Clarkston and got to sit in a meeting.  Oh and I got to make Trent two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and carry them in to him with a coke rather than the other way around for a change!!!

My arm is stiff and sore from surgery.  If feels like if I straighten it, it will break off and shatter into pieces.  The doctor told me that the stiffness is scar tissue and told me I need to lean against a wall and get it flat and straight over my head.  I was told to do this in the shower where the heat would loosen the muscles and maybe make it easier and less painful.  On the ride home, Trent grabbed my arm and pulled it over my head.  He forgot about the shower part and just straightened out my arm.  I asked him, “what about the shower” and we just laughed and laughed.  It was too funny to even hurt really.

Just for today, life is as it should be.