Today I did not cry. 

I stood in the shower and did arm exercises this morning, put my makeup on and went to a meeting and then shopping for a while.  I came home and did laundry and swept the floor and did the dishes.  I gave some clothes to Goodwill.  When Trent came home, I made some coffee.  I have spoken to three family members and some friends.  A friend visited and brought us food.  Trent went to the six o’clock meeting and I went to Publix.  I came home and put leftovers cooked by yet another friend in the oven.  The house smells good.  I took a bath and got out and studied my breasts for a while before I got dressed.  I did more arm exercises.

Soon Trent will be home and I will take out dinner and make his plate and mine and we will watch tv.  I will eventually lie down with my head in his lap.  He will rub my hair and I will fall asleep and dream about waking up and doing all of the stuff I did today all over again and I’m fairly certain that tomorrow I will not cry.