If you’ve followed my blog, you know that I struggled with the decision of what kind of reconstructive breast surgery to have.  I compiled information from my breast surgeon, my plastic surgeon, and the internet.  My research led me to an option that I was not offered by either surgeon.  After talking to both of them and getting the go ahead from the cancer surgeon that what I wanted to do was possible, I chose a nipple-sparing one-step reconstruction.   Briefly, all that was removed was breast tissue.  My entire outer breast  was saved and a  permanent implant was inserted immediately after the mastectomy. 

I chose this option because it involves only one surgery, requires only one recovery, allows the patient to wake up immediately after mastectomy with a complete breast and offers the possibility of excellent cosmetic results.  I was advised that in the event of a failure I would need to remove the nipple in a second surgery and have it reconstructed in a third.  I took my chances and today I looked down and found that new, beautiful, healthy, pink skin had formed to replace the scab that was on my nipple.

I know this is TMI for some people and I apologize for that but today I felt a surge of hope, faith, courage and happiness that far exceeds any I have had in the past month.  For the first time since cancer entered my life, physical victory is mine and it feels incredible.