Cee Cee goes to Clarkston (which is where I go to meetings).  She is a woman who has a presence.  When she shares, it is from the heart and is passionate and real.  She and I hardly know each other but occasionally we are lucky enough to share meetings together.

On Sunday, I sat next to Cee Cee in a morning meeting.  I was playing with my silver bracelet.  It is a bracelet from Tiffany’s that Trent gave me during our first holiday season.  I never, ever take it off. 

In the middle of the meeting, Cee Cee saw me playing with my bracelet and she took the bracelet she was wearing off and gave it to me.  It says, “Be Still and Know that I am G-d”. 

She and I may never have met had we not crossed paths with a chemical that nearly destroyed us both.  This is one of the many reasons I love being in recovery.  The life I live and the meetings I attend open my heart and my world up more every day. 

I am nervous this week.  Chemo is around the corner.  The more anxious I get, the more I play with my bracelets.  Now, though, when I play with them and look down, I am reminded to be calm, just be and let G-d be G-d.

Thank you, Cee Cee.