Yesterday Trent and I spent the day together.  We went out to breakfast and had the most delicious blueberry pancakes and then to the movies.  It was wonderful to stick to him like glue yesterday.  We talked about baldness and how we will find our way through it.

We walked out of the dark theatre and into the concession stand lobby.  I noticed a transvestite.  He was an older man, in his fifties probably, with heels and manicure, pedicure, makeup, a dress, stockings and wig.  I told Trent to look and then I noticed that all his women friends were also men in their fifties.  Trent and I walked outside and they were posing outside and taking pictures together. 

I looked at Trent and said, “if they can feel comfortable in their own skin doing that, then I can surely be bald”.  I looked away and on the opposite side of the parking lot was a woman walking.  She was bald.  The parking lot was on fire with self-acceptance and self-expression.

I love that those men have the freedom in this country and this society to be EXACTLY who they are.  I love how proud they were and comfortable with themselves they were.  I strive to be that comfortable in my skin.  I strive to OWN WHO I AM just like they did and just like the bald woman did. 

I went to the movies and left with a new set of heroes and none of them were actors.  G-d is in the details.  All I have to do is pay attention.