This morning Trent stayed home from work.  We showered and got ready to go out as though it were any other day.  We went to McDonald’s for breakfast and then headed to Kaiser for my first chemotherapy infusion.

The infusion itself wasn’t terrible.  The nurse had no trouble finding a vein but I am going to need a pick line anyway because one of the chemos has possible side effects that are avoided with the pick line.  I was given two medicines.  One was bright red and the color alone was frightening to me.  It clearly looks like something that is NOT to be ingested in any form or fashion.  I started to cry when I saw it winding its way up the tube and into my vein. 

Of course Trent was with me the whole time and he slowed me down and told me to breathe and told me over and over it would be ok.  My Aunt Abbi came also and it was wonderful to see her.  She is a reike master and if I get sick, she is on her way over with the table to help me.

For the moment, everything is fine.  I have a splitting headache which is a side effect from one of the chemo medicines.  Other than that, Trent is taking a nap.  London is in our room with him, the sun is shining and I still have hair. 

So, one chemo infusion down and three to go.  I am moving forward.  It feels like I am standing still but I’m really not.