The above expression is one I learned from Trent.  I remember the first time I heard him say it and I thought how it would be great if being easy was really that easy. 

Cancer is teaching me how to be easy.  I have had to slow my life down to a snail’s pace.  I was so resistant to taking time off from work.  I was so frustrated by the things I couldn’t do right away post surgery.  Cancer is a hurry up and wait disease.  Hurry up to biopsy and wait for result and on and on. 

Chemo is forcing me to slow down.  My brain is in some whirlwinded fog that is both frustrating and riotously funny all at once.  I am prone to fits of hysterical laughter these days.  I feel easy today.  I am tired but I have been to a meeting, I had breakfast with a good friend, my sponsor is on her way to my house, my husband-to-be is making the world beautiful and  my dog is in the yard striking the king’s position of “easy”.

I am revelling in the little things.  I am loving my life more and the people in it more.  I am being given the gift of cancer that I have read about.  This is a life changing experience and I am liking the shape and form I am taking on.  Nothing seems trivial and everything seems beautiful and important.  I am travelling a hard journey these days but there is joy in it. 

Be easy baby!