Many, many years ago, I had Lyme Disease.  I was twenty four years old and remember the fatigue was unlike any I had ever felt before.  It was not the kind of tired I could push through.  I remember trying to walk from my office down several city blocks to the parking garage and feeling sure I just couldn’t make it.  What had always been a short walk felt like a triathalon.  I never thought I would get my strength back.  But, I did.

I am experiencing that kind of exhaustion again.  I cannot describe the fatigue other than to say I am not one to nap or sleep during the day and I slept for about 26 hours off and on in a row this weekend.  It feels like I will never get my strength back; but I will.

In the meantime, I am being well loved and cared for.  My sponsor, Laurie, spent Saturday with me and brought me matzoh ball soup to eat in bed and stayed with me until I fell asleep.  Trent has been in and out checking on me and holding me when I have felt well enough to even be held.  I called my father this morning and his voice on the answering machine made me happy and sad all at once.  

I went to a meeting this morning at 10 am.  Lori came over to visit and brought me all kinds of goodies.  I rested for a while and now I am cooking fresh vegetables so I can eat something nutritious later.  My house smells of garlic, onion and farm fresh food.  My head feels like a bowling bowl, my body is tired, but I am clean and sober and my soul is free.