The above is  a picture of how I feel at this moment. 

I have thrown my back out.  It hurts.  Alot.  I am completely frustrated and aggravated and angry and sad and mad and resentful and, well, WTF?

This has happened to me before.  It is usually not better overnight.  In fact it normally takes weeks to completely heal. 

I am questioning my own body.  Here are a select few of my questions:

Was impending baldness not dramatic enough?

Now that you have gone balls to the wall with this newest fuck-up, exactly how are you expecting me to focus on the task at hand, which lest you need  reminding, is beating cancer?

And finally,

For all your attempts to bring me to my knees, you are still a little bitch and I will still prevail. 

Well.  I feel much better now.  For those who are confused re: dialogue….My soul (Andrea) was asking the questions to my body (Asshole).  Now that we’ve cleared THAT bit of insanity up…

I’m hungry.  Apparently the beast worked up an appetite trying to incapacitate me.  I’d better go the feed the  fucker before something else happens.

Love and light,  Andrea