First of all this is not MY arm.  There is way too much hair on it to be mine.  Otherwise, this is the newfangled contraption I got today.  Mine is above the elbow but otherwise looks exactly like this picture.  It makes my knees weak to look at it.  It will remain this ugly and this permanent until one week after chemo ends in September. 

My tolerance for these never-ending assaults on my body has dwindled to a zero.  Trent was not allowed to stay with me while the picc line was inserted.  I cried from the minute he left the room all the way through to the end of the procedure.  It wasn’t even so much pain that made me cry but the injustice of it all.  This uncomfortable, unattractive appendage is the conduit between me and that POISON (aka chemo). 

I am not done by a long shot with this journey.  I’m aggravated with the whole experience and I would rather step on a rusty tack than go back to chemo tomorrow.