I have known Trent to be a superhero for a long time now.  I don’t know that the world at large knows or at least recognizes it as often as I do. 

Tonight a home health aide came to my house.  She taught Trent how to flush the two dangling ivs from my picc line with saline solution and heparin.  He sat and watched and asked questions.  She did the first one and then they switched positions and Trent washed the iv with an alcohol pad, he pushed the air bubble up and out and pushed in the saline and then repeated that with the heparin.  I cried a little because he constantly goes to the wall for me these days.  He is there, through everything.  I’m luckier than Lois Lane because my superhero battles my cancer, with me and for me. 

To think I fought tooth and nail not to go out with him.  But, like any lady would eventually, I swooned at last and fell into the arms of Trent, my gentle superhero.