So the other day I was in the bathroom monitoring my hair loss.  I looked at the back of my head and well, there’s a wishbone! 

Now I don’t believe in making wishes.  I only believe in praying.  I used to make wishes and the last wish I made came true and was just a complete and total mess.  No more golden calves for me.  I go straight to G-d now.

Having said that, I must reiterate that I have a wishbone carved into the back of my head.  I yelled for Trent.  HONEY!!  COME HERE!!  I turned around and showed him my wishbone.  We cracked up.

I am absolutely giddy from chemo.  I feel horrible.  I will spare you the symptoms.  Let’s just say I don’t feel well.  However, for some reason everything is funny.  I mean riotously funny.  I am a giggling maniac with a wishbone carved into the back of her head. 

At the Breast Center at Kaiser, they told me to do something good for my endorphins every day.  Laugh, hold hands, fall in love, snuggle my dog, spend time with dear friends, dream about buying my wedding dress.  I have cancer but I have all these free and easy endorphin rushes surrounding me.  Maybe this is why I love this darn wishbone so much.  It just forces me to lighten up, loosen up, ride the ride and get to the other side.