After three grueling months of cancer-related activities, I spent the past five days at work.  I returned to a different environment.  A wall was knocked out, my old cubicle was repositioned and inhabited by a new employee.  My work area was relocated and my cubicle is sooooo large and has three windows.  I have room for all my files to be at arms length and am able to spread my work out in an organized fashion.  I loved getting up every morning and getting back into the grind of going to work everyday.

I have two chemo infusions left.  I have come halfway through the journey of chemotherapy.  Of this entire four month nightmare, the chemo has been the hardest.  The mere thought of infusion number three brings immediate tears to my eyes.  Nevertheless, the show must go on and I will be at Kaiser on Wednesday for chemo.  I will lose another week of my life to chemo fog and illness.  I will pretend I am normal for the week after that and will feel anxious and dread on week three in preparation for infusion number four.

My last infusion is September 15, 2010.  I will lose another five days.  On September 21, I will start to recover from this horrible nightmare.  I cannot wait.