I hate being bald.  The reasons why I hate being bald are so varied and the list is lengthy.  I imagine the world at large sees a cancer patient as hating being bald as a soley vanity-related issue.  By and large, they would be correct.

First of all, having to constantly wear something over the head while in public is annoying.  I hate hats to begin with but add that hatred to the pounding headaches that I get for two weeks after chemo, and you have a recipe for a mental breakdown or two.  Hats actually hurt. 

Second of all, I am of the unfortunate school of thought that hats are not meant to be worn indoors.  To me when a woman wears a hat indoors, it is an immediate fashion disaster.  Or Easter, I guess.

Finally, I have no idea how to shop for clothing anymore.  I find something I think makes a fairly adequate outfit only to realize it looks ridiculous once the coup de gras (hat) is added.

When I was growing up, kids had these crazy all night wire retainers.  I was thankfully not required to wear one of the contraptions but I remember calling them “headgear”.  In the final analysis, the most incredible Chanel suit would look like shit if it was accessorized with “headgear”.   I freely apply this principal to my current hat situation.

With all this kvetching (complaining in yiddish), I’m sure people wonder why I don’t just buy a wig and shut up already.  I wonder that myself, really.  I have considered buying a wig.  I know I’d like the feel of hair on my head but I have this overwhelming feeling that I’ll be walking around pretending to be what I’m not.  If ever there was a time to claim my identity, it is NOW. 

I’m fighting cancer and I’m bald.  I hate it.  But it is true and real.  A wig feels like a prop in a play to me.  And as much as I wish this were a play, it’s not.  It’s real life.

Please enjoy the below photo of dental headgear.  I am pleased the girl in the picture is bald!