I am feeling feisty today!!!  I am not perfect yet but wow I feel like I’ve been dropped back into humanity again. 

Back to the topic at hand….  Don’t you just love the women in your life??? 

Not too long ago, I would not have dreamed of praising and rejoicing women.  I have changed so much from the woman I was five years ago who recoiled from women.  I was terrified of my mother and that led me to falsely believe that ALL women would frighten me and/or betray my trust.  It turns out that, as in most of the ideas I had five years ago, my theory couldn’t have been farther from the truth.   

This past weekend was filled with the love and healing power of women.  On Friday, my friend, Eve, from work brought me delicious food and sat with me.  I had the worst chemo fog ever this time and I have no clue if what I said throughout the evening made a bit of sense.  I do know that her being her was comforting and that we laughed and shared common experiences and emotions.  I know it felt good to let yet another woman a little closer to me.

On Saturday, the loveliest group of women came over to my house with flowers, fruit, pancakes, donuts, laughter and love.  We had a meeting in my living room and it was just joyous.  If you are in a 12-step program and have not been to a meeting in someone’s house, do it NOW!!  It is so powerful and healing and magical. 

The most incredible thing of all is that I asked those women to come over and have a meeting here.  I didn’t just reach out and ask for help; I reached out and asked WOMEN and only women to help.  And, they did! 

So, I’ve learned a little more from cancer.  I’ve learned that it is ok to ask for what I need.  I learned that when I ask, I get it.  I learned that my old ideas are just that – old ideas.  I learned that my new ideas not only don’t block me from women but my new ideas lead me to women.  I learned that women truly make the best band aids.

If you are reading this and enjoyed my weekend with me, please know that I love you from the bottom of my being.