This summer, I went to Perimeter Mall to spend the day.  It was after my mastectomy and before chemo began. 

I went into Pandora and asked if they had any breast  cancer awareness jewelry and was told that they did have a charm but that in October, they would be coming out with a  pink bracelet and another charm (proceeds of which benefit Susan G. Komen Foundation).  I knew I wanted that bracelet.  I knew that in October, chemo would be over and it would be breast cancer awareness month. 

Yesterday, I got my bracelet.  October is here.  Chemo is over and breast cancer awareness information and products are everywhere.  This morning I am wearing a cozy, comfy, warm sweater.  The summer is truly over.  I have not recovered one hundred percent from my last chemo yet but next week, I do NOT have to go back for another one.  Next week, I will get to see what happens when chemo really ends.

I am grateful this morning.  The sun is shining.  Pine needles are dropping from the beautiful tree in our front yard.  Trent is sleeping and I am in remission!